New RTO or College

If you’re looking for the technology to drive your new RTO, you’re already a step ahead. You will start out small but, if you think and act big, and use innovative enterprise management technology to support your strategic direction and drive your operations, you’ll grow faster, stronger and smarter in this highly competitive market.

Why run your RTO with RTOManager?


Combine as few or as many components of your operations as you want


Supports and grows with your business

Web-based | Cloud

Access anywhere, anytime and save on IT infrastructure and software costs


Portals for your agents, students, trainers and team


Keeps up with market changes


Makes compliance routine

Cost Effective

Invest in good technology now so you’re not spending money integrating multiple platforms in the future

Customer focused

CRM system to manage all your sales and marketing needs

Product recommendation

Domestic Students Only (NVR)

    Start with RTOManager VET

    As you grow install additional modules and features.

International & Domestic Students (NVR & CRICOS)

Start with RTOManager CRICOS, packages range in price for different sized enterprises.

As you grow install additional modules and features

With RTOManager VET or RTOManager CRICOS you can implement the complete suite to run your entire RTO or begin with one module and add-on from there.

Find out how we have helped RTOs and Colleges around Australia with our RTO management solutions or contact us for a copy of our pricing guide