The RTOManager team offers a suite of training and support, customisation, data migration and consulting services to implementation of RTOManager is a success in your business.

The key to a successful implementation is the ease of adoption and the speed at which the existing data is migrated into the new system. Some clients are up and running with our user guides, some training and the intuitiveness of the system. Other clients require customisation and personalised training to ensure the system underpins and supports current business processes.

Support & Training

Our team is here for you anytime anywhere

The RTOManager team will build a specific training and support program for your business. We offer a variety of support services and can train users as a group, or each business area separately:

  • Face-to-Face training (standard and customised)
  • Webinars
  • Extensive user-guide library
  • Service Desk with tracking system
  • Client portal

Our team is with you in the implementation phase of the system and beyond.


Consulting Expertise to understand your business need

Applying our industry expertise, we can help you customise RTOManager to your enterprise, and develop a platform to grow your business and streamline operations.

We adopt a partnership approach to our consulting services. A consulting installation of RTOManager is a shared project, jointly managed by our team and yours. If you are unsure of your specific requirements and need to customise your business processes, workflows and sales and marketing activities then a consulting implementation is right for you.

Data Migration

Keep and cleanse your vital information

The RTOManager team will work with you to import your vital data to ensure continuity and value of your core business information. Databases, spreadsheets, legacy and custom applications – our technicians have extracted data from all of these and more.

Our consultants can work with you to review and clean data before it is migrated into RTOManager:

  • Student Information
  • Agent & Consultant Information
  • Training Materials
  • Timetables & Schedules and more..


We work with your business processes and systems

Our system is flexible and can be customised to support the way your business works. A successful implementation of RTOManager means it integrates with the other systems and processes within your business.

The RTOManager team will work with you to ensure our modules compliment and help improve your current business processes to maximise efficiency and customer focus.