An innovative Enterprise Management System designed for RTOs, Colleges and Universities

RTOManager CRICOS is an innovative Enterprise Management System designed for RTOs, Colleges and Universities that cater for international and domestic students.

Our online, user-friendly solution integrates:

  • Business operations;
  • Student, trainer & agent management
  • Course and materials management
  • Compliance requirements (NVR, AVETMISS, CRICOS, USI, ASQA, TEQSA etc)
  • Finance administration
  • Sales & Marketing (CRM capabilities)

Intuitive, user friendly portals give your team, your student’s, your trainers and your agent’s access to RTOManager CRICOS anytime, anywhere, all securely accessed over the internet.

The features of RTOManager CRICOS are numerous and we have developed modules to streamline every aspect of daily operations. Each module is flexible and customisable, adapting to your specific needs. Keeping abreast of industry change, we continually enhance existing modules and develop new modules to provide our customers with unparalleled service and satisfaction.

RTOManager CRICOS is a tailored enterprise management system. We don’t hand over a box and say ‘good luck’. We partner with clients over the long-term to help them achieve their business objectives. We understand that installing a new Enterprise Management System is a challenging project therefore we have adopted the following client service model:

  • Understand your business need
  • Structure a RTOManager CRICOS solution
  • Implementation (and data migration for existing RTOs)
  • Training
  • Ongoing support

RTOManager CRICOS is for any sized enterprise, can run over single or multiple sites and can be configured to suit most budgets.

With RTOManager CRICOS ‘as your single source of truth’ your educational body can:

  • reach higher levels of performance and capability
  • build stronger relationships with your key customers
  • achieve competitive advantage