An Innovative enterprise management system designed for RTOs, colleges and universities

RTOManager CRICOS is an innovative enterprise management system designed for RTOs, colleges and universities that cater for international and domestic students. Our online, user-friendly solution integrates:

  • Business operations;
  • Student, trainer & agent management
  • Course and materials management
  • Compliance requirements (NVR, AVETMISS, CRICOS, USI, ASQA, TEQSA etc)
  • Finance administration
  • Sales & Marketing (CRM capabilities)

Intuitive, user friendly portals give your team, your student’s, your trainers and your agent’s access to RTOManager CRICOS anytime, anywhere, all securely accessed over the internet.

The features of RTOManager CRICOS are numerous and we have developed modules to streamline every aspect of daily operations. Each module is flexible and customisable, adapting to your specific needs. Keeping abreast of industry change, we continually enhance existing modules and develop new modules to provide our customers with unparalleled service and satisfaction.

RTOManager CRICOS is a tailored enterprise management system. We don’t hand over a box and say ‘good luck’. We partner with clients over the long-term to help them achieve their business objectives. We understand that installing a new enterprise management system is a challenging project therefore we have adopted the following client service model:

  • Understand your business need
  • Structure a RTOManager CRICOS solution
  • Implementation (and data migration for existing RTOs)
  • Training
  • Ongoing support

RTOManager CRICOS is for any sized enterprise, can run over single or multiple sites and can be configured to suit most budgets.

With RTOManager CRICOS ‘as your single source of truth’ your educational body can:

  • reach higher levels of performance and capability
  • build stronger relationships with your key customers
  • achieve competitive advantage


RTOManager offers numerous tools features to streamline daily operations and benefit all areas of your business. Choose your base package and then add additional features as the need arises or your business grows.

  • Enrolment Management

    Manages the entire enrolment process including online enrolment forms, enrolment processing, automated emails and letters, generation of student ID and more

  • Course Management

    Manage all your course offerings by module, unit and subject; set intake numbers; record training locations and more

  • Student Management

    Keep track of the whole student cycle from orientation to the issuing of qualifications. Manage administration of records, tools to monitor study progress, communications across multiple media (SMS, email).

  • Financials

    Manage collection and processing of all payments, invoice generation, receipt preparation, scholarship management and payment plans. An online payment gateway ‘shopping cart’ is an optional extra.

  • Compliance & Reporting

    Take the complexity out of compliance and reporting with our standard ‘easy click’ tools which manage AVETMISS, CRICOS, USI, NVR (replaced AQTF), CQR, VSN and RAPT.

  • Document Management

    Manage all of your documents in one place. Upload all of your documents (i.e. handbooks, procedures) and set permissions for access. Generate standard templates across your business for brand integrity. Upload student documents to files. Create Certificates, Statements of Attainment, Attendance Sheets and more

  • Document Creation

    Generate standard templates across your business for brand integrity. Upload student documents to files. Generate Certificates, Statements of Attainment, Attendance Sheets and more

  • Communications & Events

    Become a better communicator to all stakeholders in your business through a suite of tools. Newsletters, broadcasting, SMS, diary, templates, automated communications and reminders

  • Timetables & Scheduling

    Take the complexity out of scheduling courses, timetables, trainers and venues with a suite of management tools.

  • Portals (Trainer, Agent, Student)

    Empower your students, agents and trainers by providing secure online access to a wealth of information contained in RTOManager. Ability to view information, upload and download documents and assessments.

  • Agent Management

    Manage your education agent and educational consultants recruitment work and commissions.

  • Course Materials

    Manage all your course materials in the one place with the ability to easily upload and download material

  • Administration & Security

    Streamline your business processes with an abundance of tools to make administration a breeze. Templates, automated communications, HR, scheduling, security, access, task assignment, to-do lists, diary management and more

  • Survey Management

    Evaluation is a strategic tool that must be employed by all businesses to track the good and the bad, as well as plan for the future. Our handy survey tool to find out what your key stakeholders think

  • CRM (Marketing & Sales – Dashboard)

    Build stronger relationships with your current (and future) customers and track all customer activity. Easily measure the returns on your sales & marketing efforts with an in-built customer relationship management tool

  • Online Payment Integration

    Make payment process a breeze with integrating RTOmanager with your choice of payment gateway

  • Task Management

    Keep on top of administration with a user level to-do list to manage and assign tasks

  • Online Assessment Submission

    Take the hassle out of assessments by enabling your students to submit online, and your trainers to view and post results online

  • VET Student Loans

    Government approved VET Student Loan providers can maintain essential VET Student Loan information and keep up with reporting requirements. Record student VET Student Loan information, Retrieval of CHESSN numbers, Easy reporting via export of VET Student Loan data for import into HEPCAT software

  • E-Learning Tools

    In addition to online assessment and online evidence submission, an optional feature is online multiple choice exams with instant access to test results.

  • Trainer Timesheet Management

    Manage your human resources with tools like timetable management, trainer matrix, pay-periods, profile information, trainer diary and files.

  • Multi Campus

    Manage your campuses in different locations and States within the one system via the multicampus feature.


Enterprise management systems offer immense benefits. They increase efficiencies, effectiveness, accuracy and security. They improve customer and client experience and satisfaction; and reduce operation costs. A successful enterprise integration project will have a direct impact and benefit on your bottom line.

Benefits your Business

  • Increased operational efficiency and strategic capability
  • Better business processes
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Innovation = competitive advantage
  • Reduced administration

Benefits your Students

  • Enhances student experience
  • Helps deliver excellent customer service
  • Enhances communication capabilities
  • Gives students control and access to administration and course materials
  • Efficient information delivery
  • Online enrolment

Compliance Benefits

  • Manages compliance across State and Federal Legislation
  • Simplifies compliance process
  • Real time reporting
  • Improves auditing processes

Benefits your Team

  • Secure access anytime, anywhere through the web
  • Enhances and streamlines processes
  • Improves administration though workflow automation
  • Enhances cross company communication
  • Provides real time information to support business decisions
  • Efficient information delivery
  • Reduced rework and error
  • Automated web-based enrolment and forms

Benefits your Trainers & Agents & Consultants

  • Allows remote access to check the timetables and scheduling
  • Payment and commission monitoring
  • Enhanced communication
  • Student tracking and monitoring
  • Remote assessing and student records management
  • Efficient information delivery

Sales & Marketing Benefits

  • Reaches student, clients and agents at all communication ‘touch points’
  • Enhances sales & marketing activities
  • Mobilises and monitors marketing efforts
  • Captures and analyses sales and marketing data
  • Offers email marketing, SMScapabilities, surveying and more…
  • Shows return on marketing investment