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RTOManager is 100% READY FOR USIs

RTOManager CRICOS & RTOManager VET are 100% ready for the Federal Government’s introduction of the Unique Student Identifier (USI). We've upgraded our system so our clients have two months to ready their businesses for this important change.

Our clients will be a step ahead of their competitors as they have TWO ways to manage USIs.

  • Student Generated: this is when the student visits the USI website and obtains their own USI. This USI then can be entered into the system via the student or admin portals.
  • System Generated: this is when the student provides consent and then RTOManager ‘talks’ to the USI database and then generates the USI on the students behalf.

How RTOManager is helping RTOs remain compliant

  • Fully integrated with the Government USI system to generate USIs
  • Included USI fields in the Student Management tabs to capture USIs
  • Incorporated consent processes in USI management in order to generate USIs
  • Included links to the USI website for students who wish to ‘DIY the USI’
  • Updated all compliance reports that require USIs
  • Double-check controls to alert administrators to missing USIs

There are a number of tools available in the system to use to make managing Unique Student Identifiers simple:

  • Automatically generated bulk emails to existing students reminding them to provide USIs or to consent to generate one on their behalf
  • Templates to set up to alert, remind and ‘poke’ students to provide USI consent or to ‘DIY the USI’
  • Updating automated letters of offer
  • Online enrolment forms
  • Diary alerts and reminders on the student portal dashboard

What our Clients Say

“We tested the USI upgrade to RTOManager with the Websutra team and are very confident that the Kent Institute will be ready for USIs well before the 1 January 2015 deadline. I’m impressed we have two USI options to offer students where we can generate the USI on their behalf, or we can easily input a student-generated USI into RTOManager through the admin or student portals. The change is very simple and is as easy to use as the rest of the system. There are good control mechanisms and alerts in place for our administration team and all the compliance reports and enrolment forms have integrated the change. RTOManager has made it easy for us to adjust our processes and workflows to incorporate USIs and be compliant”.

- Daniel Burt, Information Technology Manager, Kent Institute.

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We’re outcome focused at Websutra Technology. We have thought hard about Unique Student Identifiers and what they will mean to Australian RTOs and we have upgraded our enterprise technology to maintain compliance without taking up time or adding cost. Get in touch to find out how RTOManager makes compliance simple and easy.

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