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Enrol & Online Payments

Students will shop numerous educational providers to find the course they need. While training courses aren’t always an instant purchase, it is still important to capture the customer when they have made their decision. If a customer has decided to choose your RTO, it is important to offer an online, fast and simple enrolment process so they don’t turn to a competitor becuase of complex procedures and paperwork.

An optional Enrol & Online Payments module is now available for RTOManager CRICOS and RTOManager VET customers. It offers the following functionality for your enterprise and your students:

  • Online enrolment form
  • Application is divided into new students & existing students (prevents duplication of student record)
  • Capture of all data for compliance purposes
  • Automatic population of data into fields to save on administration
  • Integration with your company's website
  • Ability to save and return and complete enrolment later (capturing lead information)
  • Choice of payment gateway
  • Instant payment process through your payment gateway
  • USI prompt and generation (if needed)
  • Automated email communication can be set up throughout the process

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